Kepemimpinan Kepala Sekolah dalam Pengelolaan Sarana Prasarana (Studi Kasus di SMP Negeri 1 Gedangan Sidoarjo)





Principal’s ability in leading and managing the school can determine the quality of the school itself. Since, the principal becomes a driving force in the school environment, s/he must has strategy and plan to develop the school. This research aimed to describe the principal’s leadership in infrastructure organizing in SMP Negeri 1 Gedangan Sidoarjo. The focus of this research are (1) The principal’s leadership in the organizing of infrastructure, moreover this focus is also devided into four sub-focuses, namely : (a) Planning the Infrastructure, (b) Organizing the Infrastructure, (c) Appliying the Infrastructure, and (d) Monitoring the Infrastructure; (2) Some efforts which are made by the principal to improve the school’s infrastructure.

            The approach that is used in this research is qualitative approach, while the research design is case study. To collect the data, the researcher uses some techniques, such; (1) Interview, (2) Observation, and (3) Documentation. In addition, the researcher uses  credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability as techniques to verify the data.

            The result of this research can be explained as follows: (1) The principal’s leadership in infrastructure management begins with planning and ends by supervision. (a) Visionary ledership style is found in the planning activity because there is an infrastructure work programm which has already broken down clearly and systematically. (b) Transactional leadership style is found in the organizing activity because the process of organizing infrastructure is already running like what was expected before. (c) In appliying infrastructure activity, the researcher finds transactional leadership style. Because in this process the researcher meets a lackness that is placed on the utilization infrastructure. (d) Transactional leadership style  is also found in monitoring activities. In this activities there is a lackness which faces by the principal, it is maintaining the school’s infrastructure. (2) The efforts which are made to improve the organizing of infrastructure in this school are included in transactional leadership style. For instance, one of the effort is using a scale priorities and balancing the relationship between school community and the society when raise funds.

Key Words : Principal’s leadership, Infrastructure organizing

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