Pengaruh Faktor Fundamental Eksternal dan Internal terhadap Perubahan Harga Saham Perusahaan Sektor Pertambangan



Abstract: Stock is an instrument in stock market that alwaysexperience a change in price. Investor before investing it fund mustanalyze stock price changes, because it will reflect Investor’spotential gain.The purpose of this research is to determine theinfluence of ROE, inflation, interest rates on SBI and EPS towardchanges in stock prices on mining sector companies that listed inIndonesia Stock Exchange period 2009-2012 simultaneously andpartially. The methods used in this research is use multiple linearregression. Samples in this research is 17 companies were takenusing purposive sampling method. Data collection method used isdocumentation. The results of this research shows thatsimultaneously there is significant influence between the dependentvariable to the independent variable. While from t test show that SBIinterest rate variable have significant effect to stock price changes.Variabel ROE, inflation and EPS  had no significant effect on stockprice changes.Keywords: ROE, inflation, interest rates on SBI, EPS, stock price changes.

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