Pengaruh Komunitas Merek terhadap Positive Word Of Mouth



Abstract: The power of community to influence society are no doubt.The community invite and campaign the society to use bicycle bybuilding community. By seeing the power of community in influencingsociety, at this time companies are trying to envolve their owncommunity and connect it with their brand or usually called brandcommunity. This research are to analyze and discuss the effect ofbrand community on positive word of mouth in Surabaya Polygonerscommunity. using customer-centric model of brand community byMcAlexander et al., approach. The type of this research is quantitativusing purposive sampling with sample size of 110 respondents.Statistics analysis used was simple linear regression using PASWStatistics 18. Result of the research shows that brand community haspositive effect on positive word of mouth. It means that there arelinear relationship between independent variable and dependent.Keywords: brand community, word of mouth, customer-centric model of brand community, and community building.

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