Pengaruh Kualitas Produk, Citra Merek dan Harga terhadap Niat Beli Konsumen pada Samsung Galaxy Tab



Abstract: In Indonesia, improvement globalisasion impact from needsand purchase intention about to gadgets. The propose of the research toknow hof far product quality, brand image, and price influence in aconsumers purchase intention Samsung Galaxy Tab. Theory use inresearch that marketing mix and purchase intention. The researchincluded race causal research, the porpose for know relationship causeand effect between product quality, brand image, and price and itsinfluence on purchase intention, sampel use in research this of 98respondents. Statistical tests were performed in this research is theanalysis of multiple linear regression, correlation analysis, coefficientdetermination, hypothesis testing and also using the application programSPSS 16.0 for windows. The research showed that the product quality,brand image, price and purchase intention in Samsung Galaxy Tab hasa positive effect for 0,381.Keywoard: product quality,brand image, price and purchase intention. 

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