Pengaruh Konsentrasi Industri Perbankan terhadap Kinerja Keuangan BPR di Indonesia



Abstract: Start in 2001, Indonesian government decided todeveloped the business of citizenry by creating a financial projectname micro credit project. Government authorized a rural bank tohold this project. In 2012 Bank Indonesia (BI) issued Peraturan BankIndonesia (PBI) number 14/22/PBI/2012 that require the commercialbanks in Indonesia must hold UMKM credit by 20% of the total creditthat they have. This condition absolutely change the marketconsentration by the split of UMKM credit market share. This studyuse a quantitative approach. Simple linear regression was using tofind the correlation between HHI as the independent variabel andeach of the dependent variabel. the analysis confirm that HHI has anegative effect with NPL, but has no correlation with CAR and ROA. Itcan be concluded that industrial concentration has no effect to theperformance in the banking industry.  Keywords: herfindahl index, CAR, ROA, and NPL 

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