ANALISIS STATUS GIZI DAN VO2 MAX PADA PEMAIN  SEPAKBOLA (Studi pada tim sepakbola Rheza Mahasiswa Surabaya)





In the game of football requires a heart-lung endurance (VO2 max), which describes the capacity to perform activities on a continuous basis for long periods without experiencing significant fatigue. Heart-lung endurance of soccer players can be improved by training the heart-lung endurance or aerobic exercise by doing internal training. Principle component contains a long internal training exercise, intensity of exercise, rest and repeat. Based on the characteristics of the game of football like the one above it in order to achieve optimal performance, football players must meet certain requirements. Shape football players that should be ideal, healthy, strong, tall and agile. A football player must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) is normal with height (TB) than average. Body composition should be proportional between muscle and fat mass.This study aims to find out about the nutritional status data and VO2 max players Rheza Students Surabaya. Data is data taken of height, weight, and Multi Fitness Test (MFT). The subjects of this study were Rheza Mahasiswa Surabaya players consisting of 18 players. And implementation of data collection is done on a Pusaka Karangan Surabaya football pitch. This research is descriptive quantitative research methods. The results obtained by sampling the average height 1.65 m, the average body weight 56.66 kg, average body mass index (BMI) of 20.61 kg/m2 and average vo2 max was 41.13 ml / kg / min.So the results of this study can be seen that the state of nutrition levels are good but VO2 max levels need to be increased because they still are not good at criteria.

Keywords: Football, VO2 max, Nutritional Status,

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