As a football player must qualify both as individuals and as members of teams, meaning that a player as an individual
must be able to master the techniques of football played in it. As a midfielder should have a good Passing ability and can set
the rhythm of the game and give passes to the straiker mature. To know that the player was a good player, one of which can be
viewed in terms of technique. If from this technique is not good, it can be said that the player will have difficulty in playing
football. Without a good mastery of technique is probably the player can master / control the ball well. And without the ability
to control the ball properly, a player may not be able to create cooperation with other players. As a midfielder they need to
have a good Passing ability. Defender or midfielder is a central player of a game. A midfielder in charge of organizing an
attack or in defense. Passing Accuracy must be measured and must.
The aim is: to determine the ability of foreign and local midfielder passing the Deltras FC players. Research objectives
are Deltras FC Club Team of Sidoarjo. The research method uses a quantitative approach to the method desktiptif.
From the data collected can be summarized as follows: 1) To measure the passing ability of local and foreign
midfielder in the team should be frequently monitored Deltras in every game and measured, so that local players will know the
advantages and disadvantages. 2) Foreign players in a very good midfielder technique in 3 times a game is 324 times as much
activity with a frequency that had as many as 276 by 85.19%, and for the local players are as much as 198 times the frequency
of successful activities with as many as 164 by 82.83%. 3) Errors or failure to master the technique of three-match midfielder
in the 324 a lot of activity with a frequency that fails as much as 48 at 14.81%, and for the local players are as much as 198
times the activity has a frequency that fails as much as 34 by 17.17%.

Pengaruh Latihan Barrier Hop Dan Skipping Terhadap Peningkatan Normal Smash Pada Permainan Bolavoli Di Pbv. Putra Voit Probolinggo. Volume 01 Nomor 01 Tahun 2013, 0-216


       Keywords: Ability, Passing Midfielder, Soccer.

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