Analysis of movement in sport is very necessary to by trainers or biomechanics expert to fix the wrong movement. Keep in mind that all human movement is inseparable from the principles of physics, so did the shot put. During this in practice in the field many athletes who exercise shot put the wrong style dan less effective in terms of biomechanics. Therefore, formulation of the problem posed is how motion shot put style back to the effective and efficient in terms of biomechanical?. The purpose of this study was to obtain information and data analysis motion shot put o’brien on students and athlete associated with the motion of the body when the prefix position, gliding and body segment angles so as to provide suggestions for improvement movement. The study was descriptive research analysis with analytical techniques using the principles of biomechanics and measurement using the help of software dartfish. The results of two studies on the subject repulsion can result in an effective repulsion, repulsion at first with high initial velocity of 10 m/s at an angle of 40ᵒ (approaching 45ᵒ) produces the most distant repulsion is 10.13 m.

                Key word : Analysis, Shot Put

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