model pengajaran langsung (direct instruction) terhadap kemampuan sains anak tunanetra

Eka Badriyah Tun Khasanah



Scientific competence is all scientific activities to gain any knowledge about nature or find other new knowledge through observation, research, and simple experiment. Blind students have obstacles in mastering scientific knowledge so that they have low competence. The blind students are those whose eyes don’t function as organs to perceive information like other normal humans in their daily activities.  Due to the un optimum scientific competence of blind students, it is necessary to have stimulus to build a good and optimal scientific competence for them. This research aims to investigate scientific competence of blind students before and after the implementation of direct instruction model.

This research used pre-experiment with one group pre-test and post-test design. It was conducted in 8 meetings and 6 interventions. The subjects of this research were 6 students. the data were  collected by using test and documentation and analyzed by non parametric statistics with sign test. This shows that there are increasing scores of scientific competence of blind student, from 43.33 in pre test to 76.67 in post-test.

The result of analysis by using sign test shows that Z observed is 2.03 higher than Z table with 5% significance for two tails test (Zt=1.96), therefore, the Null Hypothesis (Ho) is rejected and Alternative Hypothesis (Ha) is accepted (1.96 < 2.03 > 1.96). Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that there is an influence of direct instruction model on the scientific competence of blind students in Special Kindergarten A YPAB Surabaya.


Keywords: Direct Instruction, Scientific

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