Abstract : Fine motor skills is a state where children are able to perform simple movements through the use of small muscles in a particular part of the body, The main motion carried with the fingers and hand-eye coordination Cerebral palsy children have obstacles that lie in its motion Cerebral palsy children have obstacles that lie in the limited movement, This makes it difficult to coordinate the movement of hands and fingers flexibly. with the modified media pantograf and the direct instructional model pursued cerebral palsy children were able to improve their fine motor skills.
General research aimed to prove presence or absence of direct instructional model of media the influence of pantograf to the fine motor skills of cerebral palsy children in SLB D-D1 YPAC Surabaya This study used a quantitative approach to pre-experimental by design of “the one group pretest post test design”. The data collection of fine motor skills to use the test works. The data analysis using non-parametric statistics with the sign test. Analysis of the test data was obtained from the results of tests of fine motor cerebral palsy children SDLB-D1 YPAC Surabaya.Subjects were children cerebral palsy tetraplegia, as many as 6 people, aged between 9-13 years.Treatment was 9 meeting, with a time of 60 minutes.
From the results of analyzed testing the two sides that show that significant signs before and after treatment, for students participating in learning fine motor skills through pantograf not increased significantly. Proven before treatment was given the average value of 42.95 and after the treatment of the average value of 48.51. Based on the analysis of data obtained ZH = 0.4 with 5% critical value = 1.96 ZH in the presentation of the hypothesis, it can be seen to the calculation of the average pre test and pos test an increase fine motor skills of cerebral palsy children, but the sign test analysis did not produce a significant number of calculations. Conclusion The results showed that there was no significant effect of direct instruction of media pantograf toward fine motor skills to cerebral palsy children of SDLB-D1 YPAC Surabaya.
Kata kunci: pembelajaran langsung, pantograf, motorik halus

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