ABSTRACTBassed on the observation conducted at the first grade in the mathematics learning process, the reseaaaaecher fount : (1) the teacher give the question of additional counting to the children and the children get difficulties. (2) Student can count 1 -10 (3) the learning media is not appropriate, (4) the teacher give the question only by using the available media, (5) the assingnment is scored in the finaal learnong process and the result is not satisfying, the studen` activity does not meet the minimql wtqndqrt achievement which has been decided 70.To improve study result and to achieve the purpose of the learning process in the additional counting process, an improvement in the learning process in needed it can be done by using modified congklak game.This research aims to improve additional counting learning process by using modified congklak game for student with cerebral palsy in the firsh grade of SDLBN Sugihwaras. This research uses a clssroom action research by using the student with cerebral palsy as the subject. The data collecting methods are observation, interview, and dokumentation.This research shows that modified congklak game is used well at additional counting result for student with cerebral palsy at first grade. It is prove by the data of the student` learning activities percentage before action is 50% and it increases10% in the firsh sycle. It makes the first cycle becomes 60%. It increases 20% in the secondcycle, therefore it becomes 80%. The study result increases from the 57 before the action, and it becomes 63 in the first cycle. It increases for 6 point. In increases 12 point the secong cycle. |It becomeme 75. The recommensation in given to the teacher at first grade of SDLBN Sugihwaaras to use the modifies congklak game in the additional counting learning process. It is expected to be able to improve student` study result and activities in the learning process and to make the student be active in the learning process.Keywords : study result, addition, modifies congklak game

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