This research aims to find out how is the dedication of refereeing institution of PBVSI management of east java province in period of 2009-2013. It discusses how to recruit a referee, how about their workship, how to develop the carrier of referee, how to give an achievement, how to control and evaluate annual program.

This research used a descriptive qualitative through the questionnaire, documentation and interview with the head of refereeing, vice head of refereeing, former head of refereeing and east java’s referees.

The results of this research are: recruitment and workship which is done by PB PBVSI and Refereeing PBVSI Management of East Java Province only apply the workship itself. The Development carrier of the referee is developed by the referees themselves, management of refereeing just give support to them. The achievement of east java’s referees still less from the minimum standard. Controlling and evaluating for workship are done at once for four mounts. It can be concluded that to produce a professional referees, it needs hard work in every sides, not only management of refereeing, but also the referees itself. Nowadays, the number of referees which is had by east java and the workship of Refereeing PBVSI Management of East Java Province still do not complete yet, but in case of coaching and carrier development of the referees, it is quite good.

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