Misconceptions of Senior High School Students in Radicals




Although the experts already agreed on the concepts of radicals, not all of students have the same understanding and accordance with them. According to the result of pre-research, some junior and senior high school students were found to have the different understandings about the concepts of radicals and its procedures, and they were not accordance with the agreed concepts, what so called misconception. This research is a qualitative-descriptive research, which aims to describe the misconceptions of senior high school students in radicals along with the possible causes. A written test with CRI instrument and interview were used to gather the data of students’ misconceptions and the causes. The research data collection was conducted in SMAN 9 Surabaya with 9 research subjects. According to the result of data analysis, they could not differentiate radicals with radicals of even and odd degree. They added or subtracted two radicals of the different root in the one same root and ignored the radicand when multiplied two multiples of radicals with the same radicands. The occurrence of those misconceptions tended to be caused by the incomplete or wrong conceptions, wrong opinion, inexact or wrong reasoning and incomplete understanding of the prerequisite topics that related to the concepts where the misconceptions occurred.

Keyword: misconception, misconception causes, radicals.

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