Students Mathematical Connection in Problem Posing




Mathematics is a complex discipline, while in the learning process mathematics is taught to students in stages and divided into several chapters. Therefore, it requires mathematical connection skills to connect the concepts that have been learned to obtain meaningful knowledge Mathematical connection is students’ ability to use connection on inter-concepts in mathematics, connection with other disciplines, and apply mathematical ideas in the context of everyday life. Problem posing is an activity that can be used to see students’ mathematical connection. Problem posing is an activity to formulate or to make a question of the given situation and then try to solve it. One of the types of problem posing is pre-solution posing, which focuses on making questions based on the situation or information that will provide an open problem that can develop students mathematical connections. Semi-structured situation is one of the situations on problem posing that ask students to pose a problem from open condition which has chance to be completed by applying prior mathematical knowledge or concepts. This study is a qualitative descriptive research with two subjects which representing each category. This study used mathematical abilities test, mathematical problem posing test and interview to obtain the data. After that, The data obtained were analyzed by doing data condensation, data display and then drawing and verifying conclusions based on mathematical connection indicators. The results of the study has shown that each subject uses different connections in each aspects of. Students mathematical experiences influence the mathematical connections that students use in problem posing.

Keywords: Mathematical Connection, Problem Posing

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