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Hyperactive children had disturbance of focusing attention, scrutinizing skill, saying meaningless words, pronouncing unclearly in order that other people misunderstood, they also could not sit calmly, went out of the class during learning process and hit their friends. Hyperactive children were difficult focusing attention and sitting calmly for scrutinizing the teacher’s explanation, the hyperactive children required teacher’s creativity so that they could sit calmly and scrutinizing the teacher’s explanation well. Therefore, the researcher established a research about enhancing scrutinizing skill through playing series message to hyperactive children.
The purpose of this research was to analyze scrutinizing skill of hyperactive children before and after intervention given, i.e. playing series massage.
This research applied Single Subyek Research (SSR) kind with the basic design A-B. the data collection techniques of this research were observation an documentation. The data gathered from the observation result was then analyzed with simple descriptive statistic that was using visual analysis component in condition and inter condition.
This research was done for 20 sessions with the data collection technique, documentation and participant observation. From the research result, the span of baseline phase data was 8-13 times with stability tendency 50% which meant variable while the span of intervention phase data was 11-16 times with stability tendency 85,7% which meant stable. The overlape data percentage showed 16,67% this indicated that the interventation influenced toward behavior target. Thus, it could be concluded that there was enhancement of scrutinizing skill through playing series message to hyperactive children in the inclusion of SDN Sidotopo Wetan IV/558 Surabaya.
Keywords: scrutinizing skill, playing series message,

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