Basofi Sudirman is known by the community because of the work program during the time as Governor of East Java in 1993-1998, during the administration Basofi Sudirman tried to overcome the problems of poverty that occurred in East Java. The known Basofi Sudirman programs are GKD (Movement to Return to the Village) and GNOTA (National Movement for Foster Parents) which are implemented throughout East Java. This program can overcome the problem of poverty by moving one village to a superior product, building an economy in the village is very important to make the village community more resilient, independent, and build the business spirit of the people of East Java by using the potential of natural resources in each region. This movement can still continue in the future with the development of science and technology will be easier in the production process, and the products produced will be more creative and innovative. Poverty in East Java also affects the number of children dropping out of school, the GNOTA program is designed to help parents and children to continue to get a decent education, nine-year compulsory education. The problems are: 1) What is the Sudirman Basofi Policy Program as the Governor of East Java in 1993-1998? 2) How is the Implementation 

of the Sudirman Basofi Program as the Governor of East Java? The purpose of this research is to explain the Basofi Sudirman programs as the Governor of East Java in 1993-1998, to describe the implementation of the GKD and GNOTA programs in East Java, and to analyze the social and economic impacts of the GKD and GNOTA programs on the people of East Java in 1993-1998. This research uses historical research methods: 1) Hueristik; 2) source criticism; 3) Interpretation; 4) Historiography.
Based on the results of the study there are programs of GKD (Movement Back to the Village) and GNOTA (National Movement of Foster Parents) have been carried out throughout East Java. in 1993-1998. The impact of the implementation of this program is able to improve the economy of the people of East Java by opening an industrial business that produces from the potential in every area of East Java. This implementation also increases the number of children attending school with assistance provided through the GNOTA program so that education in East Java has increased.
Keywords: Basofi Sudirman, GKD, GNOTA

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