Existing historical relics are the result of past cultures that we can still enjoy today, the beauty of the culture that was left behind can show the majesty of the ruling kingdom to the masses. Historical relics or cultural products of a peradap are very many both in the fields of technology, science and religion. The temple is a historical heritage that shows a technological development and the art of building and sculpture which is a sacred building.
Surawana Temple, called Sarabhana in Negarakertagama, is a pendulumaan Wengker ruler named Wijayarajasa who is the uncle of King Hayam Wuruk. Administratively, Surawana Temple is located in Canggu Village, Pare Subdistrict, Kediri Regency, East Java Province (7 ° 44 '47 "S 112 ° 13 '4" E). The temple which now only leaves part of the temple's foot building, but still has an interesting ornament to study.
This research is a historical research that has stages of Heuristics, Criticism, Itepretation, and Historiography with the Variety of Ornaments attached to Surawawa Temple as the object of research studies by using supporting literature to solve the problems raised in this study that draw the relationship between the Variables in the Surawana Temple with the function of the Temple.
The result of the research shows that the function of Surawana Temple when referring to the relief panel of the story carved when viewed from the bottom shows the human world depicted by the existence of the Tantri reliefs followed by Sri Tanjung Relief, Arjuna Wiwaha, Sah Gagang Aking Powder which shows the process towards perfection . Seeing from the research carried out so that it can be concluded that Surawana Temple is a temple that serves for a place to perfection that is a temple of worship and the temple as a sacred place of worship.
Keywords: Surawana Tample, Decoration of Tample, Function of Tample


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