Proses Berpikir Reflektif Siswa SMA Dalam Menyelesaikan Soal Cerita Matematika Ditinjau Dari Kemampuan Matematika

Nusaibah Ni'matur Rahma, Endah Budi Rahaju


This research aims to describe the reflective thinking process of high school students in solving mathematical story problems in terms of mathematical abilities. This type of research is a descriptive qualitative research. The subjects of this research were grade X students of SMA Negeri 4 Sidoarjo consisting of students with male, communicative, high (ST), moderate (SS), and low mathematical abilities, each one person. The research instrument used consisted of a math ability test (TKM), a reflective thinking test (TBR), and interview guidelines. The results of this research all subjects showed reflective thinking process at the reacting stage began by describing the things that are known and things that were asked, explaining the relationship between what is already asked and what is known with reasons. In the comparing stage, ST clarifies that it has dealt with similar problems before by analyzing their similarities and differences, stating the elimination-substitution method is an effective method, explaining the resolution process obtained and believe the coclusions obtained. SS is clarifying that he has never dealt a similar problem before, stating the elimination-substitution method was a method is an effective method, explaining the settlement process obtained. While SR, clarifying that he has dealt with similar problems before by analyzing their similarities and differences, explains the completion process that is obtained even though students do not answer what is asked in the given story problem. In the contemplating stage, ST re-examins the solution obtained, makes and believes the conclusions obtained. Whereas SS and SR, do not check again the solution obtained. However, when asked to correct errors from the answers obtained by the SS correct it and make conclusions while SR does not correct and does not make conclusions.

Keywords: the reflective thinking process, mathematical story problems, mathematical abilitie

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