Rionaldy Ariansyah, Ika Kurniasari


Mathematics has an important role for the development of science and technology. One of the subject in mathematics is the Pythagorean theorem. To improve students ability of understanding the Pythagorean Theorem, learning media can be used as a tool to achieve learning goals. One of learning media innovation is learning media in the form of games (edu-games). Edu-games can be transform to smartphones applications with the android operating system to make edu-games easier to access and more practical in use. The goals of this research is to develop good quality android-based edu-games for pythagorean theorem based on three criteria, i.e. valid, practical, and effective. Edu-games was developed using the Borg & Gall method which has been simplified by the Puslitjaknov Team so that it consists of four steps, i.e. planning stage, developing product, expert validation and revision, and limited trial. Development of edu-games using Adobe Flash Professional CS6. The research instruments included validation sheets, media use questionnaires, and student questionnaire responses. The edu-games trial was conducted limitedly by 10 students of class VIII of SMPN 4 Nganjuk. The results of edu-games development shows that edu-games is declared as good quality by obtaining (1) validity score are 4,038 by media experts and 3,939 by material experts from a maximum score of 5 so edu-games fulfill the valid criteria, (2) practicality percentage is 76.25% so edu-games fulfillthe practical criteria, and (3) the effectiveness percentage is 80.42% so edu-games fulfill the effective criteria.

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