Pengaruh Celebrity Endorser dan Perluasan Lini Susu Ibu Hamil Prenagen Terhadap Niat Beli (Studi Pada Pasien Ibu Hamil di RSIA Kendangsari Surabaya)



-newline"> During a pregnancy it’s very important to fulfill enough nutrition both for the fetus and mother. PT Kalbe which is a
milk producer for maternity “Prenagen” is vying to stimulate peoples buying intentions, but many producers offer
other nutritional benefits even with lower prices. The purpose of this study is to analyse and examine the effect of
celebrity endorser and line extension on purchase intension of “Prenagen” milk for pregnancy. This research uses a
causal approach. Respondents in this study is pregnant women patients aged 22-40 years at Kendangsari Mother
and Child Hospital Surabaya. Sampling using judgmental sampling technique with a sample size of 220
respondents. Data analysis used with multiple linear regression analysis. This research instruments used with
questionnaires and the data obtained were processed using software SPSS 25. The results showed that the variables
of celebrity endorser and line extension have an effect on the variable of purchase intention.

Keywords: celebrity endorser, line extension, purchase intension .

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