Kontribusi Senam Lansia Pada Perkembangan Wanita Menopause Usia 50-60 Tahun Di RW. XIV Kecamatan Sawahan Kelurahan Putat Jaya Surabaya




Elderly women are at the advanced stage of the process of life marked by decreased function and the body's ability to adapt to the environment. Decreased ability that always makes a major factor in inhibiting everyday life the day the well followed the decline of physiological conditions, as in most women when entering menopause causes reduced productivity someone so where elderly women no longer get menstrual cycle indicates the end woman's ability to reproduce. Elderly Gymnastics is a series of movements or activities, followed by the elderly with the aim of improving the functional ability of exercise to achieve fitness goals and maintain the health of the elderly as a form of physical health. Gymnastics elderly was shown to preserve and maintain the function - the function of the elderly physical health as a form of physical achievement optimize better after menopause.

The benefits obtained from this research is to increase knowledge of gymnastic elderly of women aged 50 - 60 years who entered menopause. Objectives of this study were postmenopausal women aged 50 - 60 years who attend gymnastics seniors in RW. District XIV Sawahan Putat Jaya Village Surabaya. With a sample size of 50 participants gymnastics elderly postmenopausal women. The method in this analysis using qualitative descriptive methods in the form of words written words of people those who observed, in this case menopausal women. The process of data retrieval is done by conducting interviews with participants gymnastics elderly postmenopausal women, observation and documentation.

The results were obtained : (1) The results of observations of the post-menopausal women aged 50-60 years who attend elderly gymnastics routine. (2) Results of interviews with participants menopausal women who take gymnastics elderly. Based on observations and interviews can be concluded that the elderly exercisers may contribute to physiological and psychological forms of women who had experienced menopause on the development of post-menopausal women aged 50 - 60 years.

Keywords: Menopause, Elderly.

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