Kontribusi Kemampuan Shooting striker Asing Dan Lokal Dalam Pertandingan (Studi Analisis Pada Klub Deltras FC Sidoarjo)



Abstract : Shooting is a part that can not escape from an attacker / striker. Seen from the viewpoint of the attack, the goal of football is a shot to the opposing goal to score. So a player must have basic skills in kicking a ball and then develop a technique to make shots on goal and scored from a variety of positions field. Striker can score against the opponent was also determined from midfielder factors, namely through the operand-operand ripe for the convenience of a striker that can score as much as possible to the opposing goal. This type of research is quantitative. The method used is the non-experimental descriptive approach. The results obtained research had done the shooting activities Deltras team during a match in Indonesia Super League competition as much as 4 matches the amount of total activity is 27 times better shooting on target or off target shooting carried out by local and foreign striker. Shooting on the target frequency by as much as 2 times the foreign striker and the striker made locally as much as 6 times. shooting off target foreign striker as much as 5 times and 14 times the local strikers. While shooting on goal which carried as many as seven times a foreign striker and striker for the local as much as 20 times. The average amount is 6.75 times the overall shooting, with an average num foreign striker and striker as much as 1.75 times the local as much as 5 times. The average amount of shooting on the target is 2 times, with an average of 0.5 times the foreign striker and local striker kali. In other hand, 1.5 average number of shooting off target by 4.75 times with an average of one foreign striker, 25 times and 3.5 kali. From local striker got the percentage calculation of the percentage of shooting on target by 29.6% to 7.4% of foreign striker and strikers amounting to 22.2% local. While the total percentage of shooting off target by 70.4% to 18.5% of foreign striker and striker 51.9% local. Average number of minutes a foreign striker to play is 73 minutes from 4 matches that have been implemented. While the average number of minutes played local striker is 35 minutes from 4 matches that have been implemented. The percentage goals for local and foreign striker in the amount of 0% for a foreign striker and 16% of the 4 games that have been implemented.


Keywords: Shooting, strikers, footbal

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