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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-04)

Chinese medicine also BPS 5 Review considers foods like honey, Chinese celery, Chinese hawthorn, turnip, water chestnut, and seaweed to have a blood pressure lowering utility. Intake of any of these foods can be efficient in controlling high blood pressure in its premature stages by improving heart and circulatory function. Cure High Blood Pressure With Roots of Danshen The roots of danshen is a type of sage that helps in lowering a person's high blood pressure while addressing related heart problems. The herb contains natural chemicals that prevent blood clotting, allows blood vessels to relax, increase heartbeats, and slow heart rates. Right now, Danshen root can be obtained in the form of capsule or as an extract. The daily dose of danshen root capsule should be 1.5 grams. The extract can be taken as tea. Mung Beans For High Blood Pressure Mung beans is a kind of vegetables that is mostly grown in China and it can help so much in lowering one's blood pressure. It contains nutrients that are needed by our body to achieve a balance diet. Mung beans can be cooked along with other vegetables or it can be eaten alone. A study states that a cup of mung beans contains 14 grams of protein that is needed by the body for proper blood circulation. Compound Cortex Eucommiae For High Blood Pressure Treatment This Chinese medicine can help lower high blood pressure that is triggered by kidney and liver deficiency. Just take one pill a day for one month. After a month of regular use, the medicine would attempt to balance your diet. You might not have to take it for another month after that period. The aim of Chinese medicine for treating high blood pressure is aimed not only to relieve the symptoms but in treating the underlying cause for the disease. Along with effective self management, Chinese medicine for high blood pressure can be useful and effective.

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