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Life Wisdom Matrix

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-05)

The beauty of life is Life Wisdom Matrix Review that if you ask it will be given. You don't have to do anything to prove your worthiness at all. You just have to allow it to show up in your life. Allowance means to trust. Can you trust yourself enough to know that all is well in your world? That you'll absolutely receive everything you want? Think about it. The divine part of you adores and loves you unconditionally. Why would the divine give you a rock when you ask for diamond? It's unthinkable. The trick is to be open to how it shows up and when it shows up because the divine operates on an entirely different timetable than the 3D world. Picture this: Your 4 year-old granddaughter comes running up to you, jumps into your lap and with a big smile, gives you the sweetest hug in the world while telling you she loves you. Your heart is melted. Then she looks at you with that innocent look and asks for some ice cream. What do you think your response is going to be? Will you need her to earn it? Prove to you she's worthy? No! Grandparents represent God because they're unconditional. While they were raising their kids they were still learning how to love, placing conditions on their love but when those grandchildren come along, they're in heaven. They are the joy of their life and it's normal for them to want to spoil them. Well, the divine inside you is like a grandparent. It doesn't mind spoiling you. In fact, the concept of spoiling is old energy. You can never go wrong to want to give yourself an experience-any kind of experience, it doesn't matter. The sky is the limit when it comes to dreams. You are your own genie in the bottle and your wish is its command. But, so often in life, even though we have dreams, we don't believe we can have the joyful experience of having them come true. This is because we don't know who we are. When you know, you trust and trust means having faith. Without faith, it can't happen. Complaint and impatience will only hold what you've asked for at an arm's length. This is because you receive what you focus on, for that is what you are asking for. So faith is believing in something without having the evidence of it yet.

ISSN: 2338-8005