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The Lost Book Of Remedies

by regina fancy (2020-02-12)

Third degree burn- in the third degree burns, the The Lost Book Of Remedies Review damaged becomes very extensive. The dermis and epidermis as well as the layer of fat beneath the dermis become charred. It may cause numbness.Causes of burns vary. It may be because of fire, steam, friction hot objects, sun, electricity or chemicals. The most common among them are the ones caused by hot objects such as hot coals, metal. Other common causes of burn are steam and/or flames that come in contact with your skin. Fire accidents, vehicular accidents, electrical malfunctions, improper storage of gasoline and space heaters also results to burn. We should also take note that not only the skin can be burned. When we inhale too much smoke, steam, super heated air and/or fumes which are toxic, this can result to burning of your airways.For treating minor burns, we must first stop the burning process by putting the affected area under cool running water. Continue this until the pain subsides. DO NOT put ice on the affected area because this will only cause further damage. If there are no signs of more severe damage like the skin coming off or blistering, you may just apply an ointment for burns. DO NOT put a bandage on it cause it will only prolong the healing process. For pain, you may take an over-the-counter pain reliever or analgesic. Always check the affected area for signs of infection for safety measures.For treating major burns, immediately call for help! Second degree burns on significantly big areas and all third degree burns are considered major burns. While waiting for help to come, you may apply wt compress to cool the burnt area. Again, DO NOT use ice. You should also asses the victim for shock symptoms like weak, rapid pulse, unconsciousness, disorientation, and/or nausea. DO NOT remove the clothing and jewelries that are burnt with the victims. They might stick to the skin and removing them will only cause bleeding. But if you think that the jewelry is constricting the burnt area, then you may remove them. Lastly, cover the burnt area with moist sterile bandage if this is available.

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