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by Aalia William (2020-02-12)

Diabetes, a disease where theStrictiond Review body does not produce its own insulin (Type I) or where the body improperly uses its own insulin (Type II), results in increased blood sugar levels. Seven percent of Americans or 20.8 million people in this country are living with diabetes. This is a life-long disease that can severely affect the body?s major organ systems, particularly the feet and ankles.Oftentimes, symptoms of diabetes such as numbness and tingling first appear in the feet. This is due to decreased sensation called neuropathy. Poor circulation and increased infection rates are common among diabetics and this combined with neuropathy is a recipe for disaster in the lower extremities.There are many counsel symbols and symptoms of diabetes. Both diabetes capture 1 and variety 2 have the same symbols and symptoms. They both show glut glucose in the blood and not enough glucose receiving absorbed into the cells. The debate there is high blood glucose in capture 1 diabetics is because there is a require of insulin as the body is receiving attacked by its own insulin producing beta cells. In letters 2 diabetic there glut glucose because the body is developing insulin resistance. Pregnant sometimes run the expose of getting gestational diabetes as the pregnancy hormones resisted insulin.

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