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Ultra Manifestation

by regina fancy (2020-02-13)

A Message from Lillianna Beloved child of Divine Love Ultra Manifestation Review and compassion, do not be distressed as you go about your day healing from days long since past. As you become more aware of your true Self, your true essence of light and love, know you are not alone in you in journey. Know you are supported in Spirit and on physical form for there are many who support and love you unconditionally without imposing their will upon you. You are love in all its purest form. You are love expressed without fear of reprisal. You are love expressed in a smile, a kind gesture, a word of comfort, a moment of silence. You are whole, complete and perfect. You are love. I want you to imagine -- think about -- something that makes you feel that loving, open, expansive feeling - just lovingness. It could be your beloved. It could be children. It could be reading a great book. It could be listening to poetry or music. It could be walking in the woods. It could be a focused meditation. Anything that brings up that feeling is fine. Bring it up. Bring it to your awareness. Close your eyes and feel it through your whole body; that wonderful feeling of lovingness.Now drop the catalyst. Drop the focus you used to inspire the feeling to arise, whether it is being with a particular person or thing, in order to feel loving, and just be with the feeling.

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