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by regina fancy (2020-02-15)

Emotional Stress. Emotional stress is also StrictionBP Review one of the main causes of diabetes. Usually, people who are - completely stressed out; extremely busy with work; unhappy in their marriage; or having problems in their business, tend to develop diabetes. These are some of the factors that have a huge impact on the human metabolism causing the increased level of blood sugar, thus leading to diabetes. Even anxiety, worry, grief, death of a loved one, etc. can alter the blood sugar level in the body and cause diabetes Frequent Smoking. Smoking too, is another factor in the causes of diabetes. People who have the tendency to smoke frequently are extremely susceptible to this disease. Women who smoke 25 cigarettes or more a day have a relatively higher risk of developing diabetes, more than those who do not smoke. If a diabetic continues to smoke, he/she is likely to die at a very young age. Now, lest you think life with diabetes is all doom and gloom and foot problems, please remember that it's entirely possible to take good care of yourself, your diabetes, and your feet. Catching problems early (and preventing problems entirely where possible) are crucial in preventing future complications. After all an ounce of prevention is work a pound of cure. So, here are a few things you can do:Daily foot inspections - Inspecting your foot daily may not sound like the most exciting use of your time, but such inspections are essential in finding problems to your foot early on, particularly if you have nerve damage. (If it helps to make it seem less boring, you can begin your inspections by donning a Sherlock Holmes type of cap, putting a pipe (an unlit one, of course) firmly between your teeth and using a wonderfully large magnifying glass.)