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Ultra Manifestation

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-15)

Activities wiped out the Ultra Manifestation Review schools of the adepts.Perhaps this was one of the most riddled with myths and misunderstandings. It was this type of disparaging agendas to obliterate knowledge that sets off a decline of interest in subjects that elevate consciousness. This forced the ancient mystery schools to go into hiding, to become occult. These schools were at one time the great centers of learning, where many fundamental concepts of life were taught. The teachings eventually veiled causing a decline in the consciousness of the multitudes due to deliberate measures taken by those who deflected the truths. But, my question remained: Why were these people so animate toward annihilation of recorded history? I found out more. Widespread aspiration for power over others. Many leaders, weather religious or political had the unfortunate habit of exercising self-serving schemes. This is also common today. Covert damage to teachings of a natural ability to rise above death continues in the form of manipulation of truths, misrepresentation, confusing agendas, attacks on dignity, slander, character assassination, defamation, insults, all with designs to confound people. Leaders of old desired to spread their own agendas. Regardless of being Roman, Christian, Pagan or Jew, they all were equally as guilty of literary disparaging actions for the sake of keeping their own beliefs and values alive. The Romans shattered temples of the Christians and destroyed accounts containing theological knowledge. They also demolished synagogues of the Jews and ruined records of the ancient philosophers. The Pagans had their 'hay day' wiping out Jewish and Christian literary resources as well. In turn the Jews did what they could to obliterate volumes written by Pagans and Christians, trashing manuscripts of the teachings lived by the adepts. Far too much was now in ruins. Exploitation is evident in the new world. We find this type of destruction also among the Aztecs, Mayas, Incas and the North American Indians. The Christian Spaniards burnt and abolished history of the American indigenous people. Many early explorers and conquerors of the new world caused immense damage; they too had their reasons for obliterating treasures of a people who needed to come under the jurisdiction of their rule.