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by regina fancy (2020-02-21)

This perfection doesn't mean you are faultless, Individualogist Review but is meant in this connotation... to have integrity and correctness! There are no obvious inaccuracies, ambiguities or vagueness about you or your personality. There won't be vagueness and haziness about where you stand on any issue!You are usually precise, distinct and attentive. This perfection means you have come to a level of maturity that enhances not only your own life, but those of the people around you. You are extraordinary... distinctly unique, not mediocre or mundane. There are a lot of people who I find in over 20 years of HR Training and Development, who simply "go along to get along."The purpose of their own lives usually gets lost in years of hard living and dissatisfaction because they have settled for being a carbon copy of someone else, rather than liking who they really are. For many, their own imbalanced and marred view of their own personality and their inability to interact with others frankly and confidently causes them to feel as if they are inadequate to strive for any level of "perfection." Fear of the "haters" finding some type of "fault" with them and their life perspective has paralyzed their very existence.Haters will, many times attempt to design schemes to entrap individuals into disfavor with the "powers that be"... appealing to their ego, statue and authority. They will appeal to those in authority (usually those with "excessive, pretentious egos") in order to work their schemes and will ultimately involve you in what they consider some kind of misconduct or misbehavior.

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