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Brain C-13

by Mathew Review (2020-02-12)

Such scientific discovery could neverĀ Brain C-13 Review have been made by a scientist, exactly because all scientists are as absurd as the entire population on our planet. The bitter truth is that the human being is only a little bit balanced in only a few points. Everyone here is basically totally absurd, simply because everyone on our planet is indifferent to other people's suffering, to poverty and injustice.Yes, I know very well what I am talking about. The bitter truth is that everybody here is absurd, even the supposedly very "normal" and admirable people, because they are not perfect, but they are selfish, they don't sacrifice their lives to help the others, and they close their eyes before all the horrors of our world.Their goodness is false, even when they are generous, because it is based on their financial security, and in their desire to exhibit their generosity. Their balance is very superficial, and can easily disappear if they are betrayed and humiliated...