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by Mathew Review (2020-02-14)

This type of diabetes is usually not StrictionD Review considered fatal. Women with this condition are usually able to resume normal health after pregnancy and in many cases the condition does not resurface. Let is examine the symptoms of gestational diabetesOne of the signs that can signal to a pregnant woman that she may be suffering from gestational diabetes is blurred vision. This can be prolonged or intermittent and usually afflicts women who have otherwise had perfect eyesight.Another symptom is constant and unexplained fatigue. This can occur even when the pregnant woman has had enough caloric intake and enough sleep. Many women usually brush this aside and think that the extra weight of the baby is causing them to have diminished energy.Women afflicted by gestational diabetes report constant vaginal and bladder infections which are a constant source of pain during urination or sex. This can also be alleviated by medication and cremes.Another symptom that can signal the existence of gestational diabetes is frequent and acute thirst. This can be even after taking beverages and water. If you are constantly experiencing thirst for no apparent reason even on cold days and where you have not exerted any physical activity, you might want to test for diabetes.