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by Mathew Review (2020-02-17)

When you push against your emotionalĀ LumaSlim Review eating habit it stimulates what I call the "inner adolescent." That teen-aged part of us pushes back, saying, "I can do what I want", or "Try and make me stop." Instead of pushing against the conditioning, find a healthy, satisfying substitute that feels positive, relaxing or rewarding to you.In my case, I decided to take a few moments in the car or hotel room to take some deep breaths, review and acknowledge the great experience I just had. I choose to celebrate the "sweetness" of those moments now by consuming the joy directly, rather than by using ice-cream as a substitute. Over time, I created a new healthy and satisfying habit to replace the old one.Be patient and consistent. It may take a few repetitions of the new behavior to replace the old automatic reaction. Once you create a new conditioned response, it will also become automatic. Just like when you learned to ride a bike or drive a car, you had to think about how to do it in the beginning until the actions became automatic. New habits work the same way.