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SkinCell Pro

by Mathew Review (2020-02-18)

Next, select one nail that you will SkinCell Pro Review absolutely not bite. Managing to stop yourself biting just a single nail will allow it to recover quickly. Within a week you will have a healthier looking nail. Once you are managing to cope to not bite this one nail, select another nail and repeat the process. Continue to do this progressively until you are not biting any nails. Whether you select to "save" another nail each week, or each day, is entirely up to you and how confident you are with your progress. Do not get downbeat if you slip up every now and then either. Just start again - it will become easier.Of course, this isn't going to be the magic cure to getting over your problem. More obvious methods will need to be used alongside this self-therapy. Some people have found using physical barriers to deter their biting effective. From wearing gloves, to covering nails with plasters, or even using foul tasting polishes. Such methods are effective for two reasons: Firstly they will physically stop you biting, and secondly the interruption it triggers will make you aware of the biting. It is when this works, that you can move on to further treatment to distract your hands and mouth.