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Trim 14

by Mathew Review (2020-02-19)

This is exactly why overweight hasĀ Trim 14 Review become Trim 14 Review an epidemic. We are fighting an addiction without really knowing it. Eating refined carbohydrates like cookies, cakes, candy, pasta, white bread, raises serotonin and endorphins in the brain, creating a happy feel-good, peaceful state. Thus we crave these carbs when we are anxious or stressed.Eating foods high in sugar and salt, makes us want to eat more foods of the same nature. Fast foods and food manufacturers have mastered the art of making foods that are palatable and thus addictive.Alcohol, cigarette, heroine are biologically addictive substances, and that is why addicts continue using them despite being fully aware of the terrible consequences on their health and social status. They can't help themselves; their physiology has being wired to crave these substances. That's exactly what happens to a food addict. And unknowingly, that is exactly what is happening to most of us.This is why obese patients continue to overeat despite full knowledge of the adverse health consequences. They often face physical discomfort and social stigma, including discrimination in their office, yet they keep overeating. It is simply because certain kinds of food are highly addictive, even more addictive than drugs. Many obese patients simply can't help themselves. They are food addicts.