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Lotto Annihilator

by Mathew Review (2020-02-21)

There are many times to steal blinds. Lotto Annihilator Review The most obvious is when you're on the button and everyone else has already folded or called. Since you have the best position, this is the ideal time to raise. The blinds will only call if they have great cards. They are out of position and will not want to take any unnecessary risks. The other players will most likely fold. If they call, they're weak players. If they raise, they're either making a move or they're check-raising you. In this situation, you might want to base your decision on your cards. But if you have a great read, trust it. If you don't trust your reads, you have no shot.Another great time to steal the blinds, and everyone else's pre-flop money, is when someone makes a small raise, such as 3x the big blind, and everyone just calls. This is a great opportunity to at least triple that raise and take down the pot without ever having to see a flop. This is also another great way to establish your table image. In addition to that, it will boost your confidence tremendously.