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Secret Death Touches

by Mathew Review (2020-02-22)

Tasers are a specialized form of Secret Death Touches Review stun device. Most law enforcement officers carry them these days. Civilian models are available with a 15 foot range for two darts that shoot out from the taser. The gun uses high amperage and low voltage to disable an assailant for as much as a half-hour.After years of being a major distributor for self-defense products, we have become skeptical of many claims that we see on a regular basis of being the "most powerful" this "the best" of that, so we thought we'd bring some clarity and common sense to the most used self-defense product in the world-pepper sprays. Here are some things to look for in OC sprays that will help guide you in making the right selection among the literally thousands of choicesPepper sprays got their start literally thousands of years ago when Chinese warriors tossed bags of hot spices at their enemies. Modern-day pepper sprays have really leaped in popularity since the early 1980's when there were only a couple of products to choose from. In the last few years, however, pepper sprays have become extremely popular and many manufacturers have jumped into the business.