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Gaia’s Protocol

by Mathew Review (2020-02-26)

As there are various ways to include Gaia’s Protocol Review beauty care products into your daily routines, be sure to pick products that are good and right for your skin and hair. You'd be delighted that you did.You look at your facial hair, and then you look at your head. Your crowning glory is your long luscious hair; you can do so many things with it, but how about the unwanted hair, can you get rid of them? When you look at your eyebrows or your upper lip hair, don't you wonder why they're not as thick as our crowning glory? How do you remove body hairs when you don't know what type it is?The fact is the hair in your head and in your face and other parts of the body is different. They're different in a way that they are classified into two types. Meet Velus and Terminal, the two types of body hair. Velus are the short and barely noticeable hair. They're usually the type of facial hair and the one that grows at the back. Terminal hair, on the other hand, is thick and long.Terminal hair is resided in your head, the legs and chest. Knowing the type of hair you want to remove is important because you need to know which treatment or method you should choose. Extensive treatment should be use if you want to remove terminal hair for a long time and a lighter way for velus hair.