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Sonus Complete

by Mathew Review (2020-02-27)

Since the advent of those hybrids, Sonus Complete Review digital technology has improved dramatically, leading to the development of "smart" all digital devices that don't need volume controls or require adjustment for different environments, but instead use software to sense ambient noise levels and self-adjust. Researchers continue to improve the technology with better chips and smarter devices that can better "understand" speech, with the final frontier being implantation of chips directly in to the ear, replacing the worn out or damaged parts left by nature. Aids may be replaced with true bionic ears. Given the exponential speed of advancements in this field, who knows what tomorrow will bring. Just as Alexander Graham Bell certainly didn't guess when he spoke in to his first telephone that his "hello" would reverberate in to a century of solutions to hearing loss, so today's researchers can only guess how far we'll go in the next 100 years.