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by Mathew Review (2020-02-28)

What is even more exciting is that Bioleptin Review Bioleptin Review cheating may even do your weight loss attempts some good. Here's why. The spike in calorie intake one day a week gives your body the message that there is plenty of food available and this allows it to "release" fat more easily. Also, dieting decreases muscle glycogen so metabolism can slow down since the body senses "starvation" and tries to lower the amount of energy it needs to continue to function every day, making weight loss harder.So your cheat day gives the body the signal to chill and release that fat! And you may even feel more energized for your next workout because your glycogen is restored. So if you're really serious about losing weight and building muscle and sticking with your healthy lifestyle for the long term, I suggest you start cheating right away.It would seem as though the drug companies and medical doctors would like you to believe that taking pills, which the pharmaceutical companies sell and the doctors distribute, is the only answer to health. Or perhaps unsafe diets have been suggested or even worse surgery! Yes surgery to lose weight! Doesn't that sound crazy?