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by Mathew Review (2020-03-11)

Do you know that alcohol is prepared fromĀ StrictionD Review molasses, which is nothing but fructose? Regular consumption of alcohol will shoot your sugar levels sky high, so if you want to control diabetes, say no to alcohol. Instead, quench your thirst with plain water or sugar free drinks. It is also better to eat a fresh fruit rather than have fruit juice, since the latter contains more sugar and little or no fiber. Stress can also trigger diabetes. Follow some relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation to keep the disease at bay.Diabetes mellitus can bring about a significant change in a person's lifestyle and health. Doctors may prescribe hyperglycemic medications for immediate relief, but not many people want to use these oral medications or take insulin injections in the long run. Pterocarpus marsupium and diabetes control is a viable alternative used by Indians for centuries to improve the pathological process related to the liver, skeletal muscles, and pancreatic islets that are affected due to high glucose levels.