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Fave Food Diet

by Mathew Review (2020-03-11)

10 Pistachio nuts. These green nuts are a Fave Food Diet Review good source of vitamin E, phosphor and fiber. So your little indulgence can help you keep healthy, prevent heart disease and Alzheimer's. The Phosphor is good for your bones and helps with the release of energy.Another good weight loss snack is one big banana. It is so easy and convenient to pack as a snack at work or school and it sure beats the apple I used to pack. (I still hate apples even though I know how good they are for weight loss, I ate too many of them as a teenager!!) We all know about the potassium, but did you know the vitamin B6 in it boosts your immune system and helps with the production of red blood cells.Fasting helps to detox the body, to improve the metabolism and kick start the weight loss process. The best way to fast is to drink water only for one full day. Make sure you drink only pure, filtered water.