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Kelly Tarltons - Take a Dive and Travel Through The Sea Life Aquarium

"Aileen Casas" (2020-06-02)

Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium is one kind of New Zealand's most widely used tourist and visitor attractions. Situated on Ohaku Bay, Auckland, this aquarium was inaugurated in 1985 and is also a brainchild of Kelly Tarlton - perhaps New Zealand's most prolific sea diver and marine archaeologist.

His idea to produce a fish tank using unused sewage storage tanks along with curved acrylic tunnels was novel at the time and was the beginning of an much awaited journey in to the ocean world. The current aquarium has undergone many adjustments to management and also the latest refurbishments have witnessed the it become bigger and laptop or computer ever was. Visitors to Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium are able to now view many exhibits and displays and also have interactive or higher close experiences.

The shark dives or shark cages are perhaps the hottest dare devil activities up to speed in the museum, where visitors are able of diving to the large tank full of many sharks of varieties such as School Shark, Sand Tiger Shark, Wobbegong Shark plus more. Experienced divers accompany the guests in order to ensure a good dive. For those much less daring the cage is a wonderful possibility to get close to these predators in relative safety.

The Stingray Bay houses many different varieties as does the all new Seahorse Kingdom. As seahorses are a rare and unique sea creature that is certainly gradually being threatened, the Kelly Tarlton Sea Life Aquarium has given special focus on the conservation of such animals.

Additional attractions include the fish gallery housing numerous kinds of fish found at rivers and oceans from worldwide much like the pig fish and cray fish, lionfish, piranha and moray eels. The Antarctic Ice Adventure takes visitors through penguin exhibits housing King Penguins and Gentoo Penguins within their temperature controlled habitat. Children's activities and also other educational and knowledge intensifying displays and exhibits will unquestionably increase the overall experience which is sure to have you returning for more.

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