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Home Gardening and Landscaping - Working With Hard Clay Soil
One with the biggest problems facing gardeners experiencing indigenous clay soil because they work to beautify their homes' landscaping and gardens may be the soil's natural characteristics. Definitely an issue to function but the soil's obstacles could be conquered.
Clay presents several challenges to get affordable plant growth. Just as a fantastic foundation may be the base of an solidly built home, so does soil provide you with the foundation for the growth, appearance, and health of plants.
Clay soil is heavily burdened by its innate characteristics. Clay soil is difficult, kaolinite ore - sticky,difficult to work, especially at risk of water saturation and poor drainage. However, with all of its short comings, clay soil carries a strong redeeming quality, it really is nutrient rich. So the landscaping and kaolin is used in making of - white china clay powder - garden enthusiasts simply must decide an activity to overcome its weaknesses, which there are many, and accent its positive, a naturally nutrient rich composition.
It seems everyone carries a theory, a type of "magic bullet" which will solve the soil's problems and make a workable medium for plants. Oddly enough their unique solution may be the practical remedy. A specific chemical additive, a specific time in the year, no offense that will the farmer's almanac, or a study that scientifically proves the only viable process. Please allow a slight diversion from your garden and landscaping world if you'll as you may be provided a newly released historical analogy. During our nation's recent downturn in the economy, experts all over the country were wanting to convince the American public the "old" theory of " buy and hold quality investments" was outdated plus a true dinosaur. The Dow dropped on the 7000 level which economic evangelists were in their element. "Use my method and you'll be assured long-term success. "Act quickly and avoid the inevitable future drop." Well, the Dow returned the ones trumping a miracle cure are relegated towards the fringes of acceptable economic practices. But not to stress, they're going to again surface in the next downturn and stay just like enthusiastic as always. So it is using the clay soil. The good news is you'll not invest your life's savings, a bit sweat and labor to be certain however the dividends you will earn will likely be really worth the effort.
A few simple tests can determine the requirement to prepare the soil. One thing is made for sure, if you are living within an area populated with clay soil you can be assured it's compacted,poorly aerated, and it has drainage issues. But, if you must, in order to convince yourself, of course execute a test for proper soil drainage. First pick-up a hand brimming with dirt and squeeze firmly. Should it fall apart easily the soil is probably best for planting. Another simple test. Dig a hole 6 inches deep fill with water allowing it to drain. Refill again tracking the drainage time. If more than 8 hours your soil is retaining too much water. The most successful method to determine the necessity for water is an easy inexpensive, and accurate soil tester which may be purchased in a green house supplier. Soggy soil will produce poor plant growth. The symptoms are incredibly easy to spot. Poor plant appearance, droopy leaves or poor creation of blooms or fruit.
Now your curiosity is satisfied plus you've got which may yourself everything you really already knew begin preparing the soil for planting. The steps from the process are:
1) Remove existing vegetation.
2) Till the soil to 8 - 12 inch depth.
3) Add one to two inches of organic matter.
4) Add 1 or 2 inches types of kaolin clay - sandy loam.
5) Add 20 to 30 pounds of gypsum per 1000 square feet.
6) Add fertilizer.
7) Till the soil relating to the above steps.
Sure you can hire a professional to complete the job but by doing the work yourself you will reap the pride of your nice job and gain confidence that may prepare you for the next gardening project.
Once the thing is the results of one's labor within your garden or landscape you will realize it is possible to do a professional job with just just a little planning and preparation. Don't forget the money you may save.