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"Brandon Bray" (2020-06-02)

piper-cherokee-six-260-v01-3d-model-riggGive Me Something Real to Do With My Art
I suppose I'm a little harsh on designers - I'm a BA in Visual Communications myself and possess seen so many comrades seek shelter in offices 10 deep in Mac monkeys, ten years hence building what I have come to term 'favorite colours for doctors'. Or, for want of a clearer more divisive explanation, being art directed by people who find themselves not really capable of achieve this. I feel as a result of the teams of designers leaving institutions with new found qualifications, that design has relegated to your foundation course. A discipline that many have a very brisk and comprehensive expertise in although not the grit of profound and located, only discovered within the serendipity of mistakes and repetition of application outside of an electronic box, usually destined to get a print safe pdf.
But then - there's - the designers. Guys I know who'll drop half their profit with a print job so they can watch, or better still participate, in pouring ink into the ink wells atop of the 1945 6 bank Hiedelberg. The same individuals who spit harsh and unsavory words at system fonts, clip art and stock photos. A strain of people now driven from design as work, to development like a lifestyle. These are the designers, unlike the 'fore mentioned type setters in air conditioned feed stalls. They are trying to find, and living, breathing the viability of aesthetic value of their everyday environments.
And they have got found a brand new champion, of sorts.... or should I say, a vanguard of kindred spirits rising in the very wash of institutionalised, everywhere design that end up naturally trying to find more. These unusually or un-trained artists also desire the real.
Enter the print shops, a whole new breed of print shop containing are derived from environmental practice along with the sustainable ethos of community styled aficionados of ink. Fuelled undoubtedly through the street scenes and the rise to popular celebrity of rock star status artists like 'Banksy' and steeped inside the now mandatory and ever more valuable, now traditional Warhols as well as the like. Print has gained a fresh found status as cool enough actually and real enough to get cool. The print shops are opening round the towns showing people the best way to print above all, showing everyone that really wants to, how you can print.
Coupled while using ever engaging art with the T-shirt and poster in the graphic British, American music poster generation of now desired hand printed credibility, we appear to possess a timeless vehicle that many can master without having to become 'an artist'.
Apparently, very fortunately for paper shops - most people in the western world (designers included) at once or some other has tried screen printing. Mostly remembering this having a fondness that means that in most cases met with a level of success. Thus will be the great thing about screen print - it can be met with success. It has the right amount of hard knocks - an ideal amount of hand skill as well as a street aesthetic that enables it to be admired for which it is. You can also stroll out of an class with just the right amount of (waterbased) ink on the jeans saying you are attaining a skill not created in the computer. Almost a vocation or coming of age, the larger echelons of paper shops are empty - because artist (or designer) worth his art is on to the ground printing.
The magic of these print shops may be the hum. The sound of people discussing print jobs, mixing inks and collaborating. A sort of occasional utopia where people are printers and so they forget they may be accountants or baristas. A print shop can produce a Warhol out of a Warhol and of course, it's the Warhols that find them.