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If I Only Had A Brain Overcoming The Manipulation Of Celebrity Political Endorsements

"Johnny Pinnock" (2020-06-05)

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Our tendency is to believe that on November 4, 2008, we will go into the voter's booth, push a button or two, and magically, our candidate , whoever they may be, will be elected to office. When, in fact, the real work must be taking place right now, in the privacy of our homes, as we do the research required to make the best possible decision. The alternative is that we continue to spend months on end being dirtied by political mudslinging while we sit on the sidelines and let the candidates "fight it out". Political campaigns have become sport and we have become spectators. And, this is what we call democracy?

The first way is to simply ask yourself what the reasons are that you are not currently achieving your goal. What do you think is holding you back? Ask yourself that question and answer as truthfully and thoroughly as you can. The answers will reveal what it is that you perceive to be limitations. More often than not, these limits will be more about you than about the world. When they are about you, they are something that can be changed or updated.

We have minds of our own we need to use them to make the right decisions. We have to stop the cycle of being influenced by another person's world view. Each of us has a world view, and therefore, each of us also has the responsibility of doing some heavy lifting, pitting value to value, between now and the next Presidential election. Our votes should not be based on what someone else thinks or believes. We have the inherent capacity of being able to make informed decisions and we need to use it. We don't need celebrity endorsements, multi-million dollar campaign "war chests", special interests, or any such thing.

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The Recent hype surrounding Oprah's backing of Senator Barack Obama shines a spotlight on the single most important issue on the political plate of the American people for the next Presidential election. Are we truly exercising our right to vote or, is someone else doing the workout for us?

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Voting is a private decision albeit one that has public rewards or consequences, or both. Our individual votes determine who will decide how we will live as a nation and what our role in the world will be. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly or left up to someone else to make for us because ultimately, the choice is ours and we will be held accountable before GOD for it.

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