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Mums share the cleaning products that are REALLY worth the money 

"Bert Farrell" (2020-06-07)

When it comes to whipping the house into shape, knowing the difference between which products work and those that don't can make a huge difference.

household_cleaning_products_10-1000x667.So to help make choosing easier, Australian mums have taken to Facebook to name a selection of products and appliances they swear by to deal with any household chore.

From high ticket items such as the Bissell Spot Cleaner to those that cost just a few dollars such as the denture cleaner Polident, FEMAIL takes a look at the best bagless vacuum cleaner.

1.  Bissell Spot Clean

The Bissell SpotClean (pictured left and right), priced at $249, was rated a must-have product among the mums who understand the value of efficient cleaning appliances

One appliance rated a must-have by the mums for removing unsightly spots from carpets, furnishings or even the inside of the car was the Bissell Spot Clean.

The cleaning tool, priced at $249 from the Bissell store, works by using a combination of heated water, a Bissell-approved cleaning solution and suction.

'I bought a spot cleaner and have had it three months. With three kids it has cleaned so much vomit from my carpets. God I love it,' said one.

'The spot clean means I can clean my couches every week without hassle so my gorgeous doggies can sit with me without any issues,' said another.





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The CrossWave Pet (pictured) is designed to vacuum and wash floors at the same time

2. The CrossWave Pet

This item, which is priced at $469 (at the Bissell store), isn't one that comes cheap, however, those who have tried it say its a godsend.

One mum declared the CrossWave, along with the Bissell Green Machine, as 'being worth its weight in gold'.

According to product information on the Bissell site, the CrossWave Pet is designed to vacuum and wash floors at the same time.

It also comes with a pet hair strainer for easy cleanup and specialised pet cleaning solution to remove pet odours.

3. The Enjo Cleaning Glove

The Enjo Cleaning Glove, priced at $55, (pictured) works a treat for cleaning a range of surfaces and doesn't require any additional chemicals be used

The Enjo Cleaning Glove, priced at $55, was also given the tick of approval by the mothers who appreciated a hardworking product.

The Kitchen Glove, although pricey, doesn't require any extra chemicals to clean - a bonus for families whose children have chemical sensitivities - as lifts grime with water.

Enjo's dry mop was also mentioned as being the perfect implement for cleaning hardwood floors.

'Leaves them looking amazing and is no harder than vacuuming and mopping,' said one.

4. Dyson Stick Vacuum cleaners

The Dyson V10 Stick Vacuum (pictured) is priced at $999, however, it rates among the mums as a top cleaning tool

While Dyson products tend to be at the expensive end of the spectrum, those who had used their range of stick vacuums said these were worth every cent.

One woman said of her Dyson it was 'the best $700' she ever spent.

While another said her only regret was she hadn't bought the appliance to clean up messes from when her kids were little.

The Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop, priced at $39.90 (pictured)

A third said: 'Dyson V10 because it is easy to use and has great suction.'

A cordless Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum cleaner from Harvey Norman is priced at $999.

5. Sabco Microfibre Mop

Those wanting an easy way to deal with dirty floors need to look no further than their local Bunnings store.

Mums were all to keen to say how they'd used the Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop, priced at $39.90 to great effect.

'Has revolutionised my world,' said one very pleased mother.

6. Polident Denture Cleaner

Polident Denture Cleaner (pictured) can be mixted with warm water to create a solution that can be applied to floors and furnishings

One cleaning product which has mums raving for its ability to remove dirt and grime is Polident Denture Cleaner.

The product, which is available from Priceline for $4.71 for a packet of 30, can be mixed with warm water to create a solution that can be applied to floors and furnishings.

One mum revealed how she'd used the mixture (three tablets dissolved in warm water) on her dirty couch with excellent results.

'It has come out great. Our sofa is about five or six years old and this is the first time we've cleaned it.'

As well as using her homemade solution, she scrubbed her couch quite 'hard' with a dishwashing brush and used a towel to absorb the dirty water. 

7. Earth Choice dishwashing and eucalyptus oil

The mums agreed a mix of mix of Earth Choice dishwashing (pictured left) and eucalyptus oil (pictured right) was perfect as a multi-purpose cleaning product

As far as alternative cleaning solutions go, the mums said a mix of Earth Choice dishwashing and eucalyptus oil was perfect as a multi-purpose product.

The dishwashing liquid is priced at $2 from Coles and a 500mL bottle of eucalyptus oil is priced at $12.49 from The Chemist Warehouse.

'Cleaned my whole rental [using this] before I moved in,' said one.   


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