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Rules To Follow For Good WordPress SEO -

"Britt Luis" (2020-06-09)

7 Top Tips on How to Make Money Blogging on WordPress
If you use WordPress and even learn how to make money from it then you will really like these little gems that I use religiously to generate income every day.
Follow these sacred 7 tips that I use daily.
Tip 1:
Make your site loved from the engines like google. This means that you need to find a phrase which is used online, along with little competition but with enough search volume making it worthwhile (at the very least 1000 exact searches every month).
Write your posting your phrase in mind. Ensure the phrase is within the title as soon as inside the post itself, as well as set since your tag inside your tag list for WordPress Blog Themes - What Are They All About? that post.
Tip 2:
Get an SEO plugin. I use the everything in one SEO plugin plus it makes your site favorite through the regular search engines like google.
Tip 3:
Inside the settings page, then to permalinks section, set the custom structure to: /%postname%/ This makes the post title the main url, rendering it a great deal more search engine friendly.
Tip 4:
Monetize it baby! Get yourself an AdSense account plus an amazon affiliates account, lastly a ClickBank account. Then find products linked to your site content. Ideally discover a product first and write a post about it, that is another story. The tips shown allow me to share a lot more than sufficient.
Add your code to the site. Ideally you ought to locate a large AdSense block above each post for best keeping of the code.
Tip 5:
Promote the heck from it. The best way is to discover high PR websites which might be quality sites which have a dofollow attribute for them. I have a list of several thousand so there is enough to maintain me going for years.
Then write content for those websites and include a web link, aka a backlink to your site, using anchortext since the way to link back to your web site. What I mean is this. Don't link saying: Click here if your phrase is green fat widgets. Instead it is necessary your article covers widgets and inside the article it says green fat widgets. Make those 3 words connect to your website post sticking with the same title.
Tip 6:
Do the Tango! You will find that for Why Use the WordPress Platform? some months your web site will perform what I enjoy calling the Google dance. This means you may often wind up with a page, drop several pages, come back, rank higher and ultimately settle down a few months later.
Tip 7:
Monitor things and look after these with ongoing content. Content is king so be sure you add new relevant content Companies Specialising In Web Design;, your WordPress blog over a regular basis.