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"Linnie Bales" (2020-06-09)

Moving WordPress To Another Host
If you are moving hosts where you can WordPress installation, it can be a bit tricky to obtain your WordPress moved over to the brand new host. Don't fret because this is possible to perform. These instructions are if you new host has cPanel.
The first thing you need to perform is download your WordPress install from the old host. Grab the entire folder and place it on the hard disk simply because this will probably be easier. You will likely be getting each of the themes and plugins you will want to use on the modern host a single simple step.
Also download your database. The easiest way to complete this is to apply the WordPress Database Backup plugin and download it. You may need a program called 7 zip to start the extendable which it downloads with.
Next install WordPress to your new host. Use the same directory, name, and password to generate things easier giving you. Do this exactly as in college before to make sure that you do not come across any unexpected errors.
Upload your theme and What is a Social Media Manager? plugins that you had just copied into your new host. At this point you remain missing all of your posts, comments, and settings. But this challenge can be fixed rapidly.
In your cPanel utilize the program called phpMyAdmin. You will see one database there that ends with wrdp or something similar about 10 entries in it. Click on that. Then import that database that you just copied. This should be the text file and not the "". This will make it so all of your old posts and settings come in place.
One issue you could cope with is which you stood a newer version of WordPress on the new host. Your plugins may need to be updated to work with the modern version of WordPress. Otherwise this will aid move hosts without issue. Don't have a much it all be perfectly smooth, but also in general this method is successful.