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The Meaning Of Z6 Games

"Tilly Castleberry" (2020-06-09)

z6 gamesThe Special Significance of Tibia Easter
The Easter bunny brought along CM Ogrey to CipSoft who joined town management department in April. Mirade and Rejana decided that moderating his very own news discussion thread "Welcome Our New Team Members" can be quite a good way to get at know the city, and the other way round. A couple of weeks later he already felt happy to dominate bigger tasks. Today, you can get touching Ogrey particularly around the message board and the event board.Also in April, we began to try out a whole new type of discussion thread called "developer notes", or "dev notes" in a nutshell. Dev notes are supposed to provide you with a better clues about things were currently discussing and on. Besides, they may be ways to give us feedback with an earlier development stage when significant changes can nonetheless be made. The first two dev notes managed the black skull and Non-PvP zones on PvP worlds. While the black skull was introduced in a later stage, Non-PvP zones just weren't. In the end, the community's feedback provided in the corresponding dev note thread and so on a subsequent poll made us rethink our notion of that come with and that we did not continue implementing it.While the dev notes were running, Z6 Games our fansites had a reevaluation process and discover out how they had evolved over the past months. Four fansites were finally awarded the newly introduced promoted status. Shortly afterwards, several further sites joined the programme and began as supported fansites. At this point, our fansite programme gained momentum. Until now, it's got run up to 24 participating sites as a whole which mirrors the astonishing commitment and dedication in our community. Thanks a lot to the fansite admins along with their helpers for all of your efforts!